Air miles credit card – When is the best time to fly to Dubai?

Air miles credit card – When is the best time to fly to Dubai?

Air miles credit card is actually are points that we can get through credit card facilities of any bank on the traveling we come across in Dubai and outside of the Dubai. First of all we all have an idea about the peak time of traveling in Dubai and offseason of Dubai so we can manage our air miles credit card points that are very much beneficial for us to manage our savings. If you like summer or you are a sun seeker needing some vitamin D should book cheap flights to Dubai. As in summer season the rates of flights are very much low and one can get maximum air miles credit card points by using their respective credit card taken from top banks of Dubai.


For a short break or to enjoy your summer you can follow route to your final destination that is Dubai. The most amazing thing in terms of beach weather, this desert city has two seasons, hot and hotter. In hot weather that is very much acceptable for most of the travelers and the beach of Dubai is very much famous among all visitors and tourists that are interested to visit Dubai. Blue skies and sunshine one will see all year round, and the temperatures average in the mid-60 and 70’s in the peak tourist season of November/December to March (winter). If you are expecting a lot of fun then as Dubai’s coolest weather during this period attracts visitors from all over the world. Now the thing is if you are traveling most often you should think about your air miles credit card services. These are every much beneficial for you as these helps you to take airport lounge services and many other perks and cash back discounts that could manage and compensate your spending in best interest of you. The Christmas holiday period and the Eid time period are when prices are at their highest for travelling but same with the air miles credit card points. If you are getting high prices for air tickets you will get maximum air miles credit card points also. The situation of flights to Dubai are easy to come by though since this is the hub for the airline Emirates. Every day thousands of flight some and leave Dubai and airports of Dubai are considered world’s busiest airports after the Heathrow airport of London.

I will suggest to all people who are frequent travelers to book flight tickets and accommodations well in advance and keep an eye out for Emirates flight sales. Now we will discuss the off season when we should avoid to travel to Dubai. From June through September, especially July and August, are uncomfortably hot and humid in Dubai. If you do not have any important appointment or meeting then you should not travel in these months. But if you want to enjoy the beach time then you can travel as in these months there is no rush and one can get maximum air miles credit card points. Also if you don’t mind hanging out in air conditioned hotels you’re most likely to find the cheapest flights to Dubai during these summer months. As if you are getting cheapest flights you are supposed to bet get maximum air miles credit card points also. Also as I have mentioned above in these months you’ll escape the large crowds.

There is an important point that one should avoid to travel to Dubai in Ramadan as it is a Muslim month of fasting and is strictly prohibited to eat anything in the United Arab Emirates. During this time, it is illegal to eat, drink, or smoke in public from sunrise to sunset. So if you are not a Muslim you should avoid to come to Dubai in this month.

Air miles Credit card – Mashreq Bank of Dubai

Mashreq Bank of Dubai is considered one of the oldest bank in Dubai and its services in and outside of the Dubai are very attractive for account holders. Especially if we talk about the Mashreq travel card that offers best air miles credit card points it is very suitable for all people. For complete detail about air miles credit card, one can visit the official website of the Mashreq Bank.

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