Best Personal Finance in UAE – Eligibility Criteria

Best Personal Finance in UAE – Eligibility Criteria

Dubai is a big market in a sense of financial services as top banks of Dubai are contributing a lot to enhance the capital of Dubai. Now if we talk about different projects that are approved by financial sector then I will say that these are Villas and Apartments of the reputed builders located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Most of the people who are indulge with the best personal finance in UAE are the ones who are high net worth individuals or multinational corporations. So first we will discuss the eligibility criteria for the best personal finance in UAE – first and foremost thing to get the services of best personal in UAE one should be mature enough and have necessary documents that would be required for the required services. Now we will discuss fees and charges.

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The following are the fees and charges you will be charged for your best personal finance in UAE – if we talk about loan processing fee is 1% of the loan and also it might be vary from the financial institutions. Second most important thing is the minimum loan processing fee is AED 3,000. This is the amount that is considered as principal fee and everyone have to pay when he is going to plan about the best personal finance in UAE. Third most important factor of fee is arrangement fee is 1.5% of the loan amount and the minimum arrangement fee charged is AED 10,000. Now there is another factor of fee that is the early settlement fee which is 2% of the outstanding loan.

Now if your case is suitable and there is no ambiguity then you are eligible for the loan to progress further your best personal finance in UAE idea. If the debt has been taken over by another financial institution, the early settlement fee is 5% of the outstanding loan amount. Now there is also a liability fee on every type of loan that is used for personal finance purposes. And most of the financial institutions or top banks of Dubai charges AED 300 for Loan liability letter.

Best personal finance in UAE – Documents Requirement

When we talk about best personal finance in UAE, there are some documentation requirements that are very much necessary to proceed your case for to take the loan from any bank of the Dubai. Well first of all we discuss the requirement and after that I will suggest you which bank is most suitable for your best personal finance in UAE if you want to have your own property for a residence or for commercial purpose. Now the question is what documents are required in order to avail home loans from financial institutions or particularly from top banks of Dubai?

So here we discuss the documents required for verification by the Finance House. First of all you have to provide your original and photocopy of passport and it should be valid for three years. As it is the most important document which will show your nationality so that the responsible authority can take your previous record to judge your commitments for an idea regarding best personal finance in UAE so that the bank or other financial institution think about to provide your loan for your domestic or commercial purpose. Second most important requirement is your valid UAE residence visa if you are an expat and live in Dubai. For locals there is no need for such documentation proof as they will be the residence of Dubai. The next thing is your last 6 months’ bank statements of salary transfer account from your current bank. Also you have to show your job status and it is the most important thing. You must have your current date salary certificate from employer addressed to Finance House.

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Now according to my promise I will tell you which institution you have to choose for your best personal finance in UAE? In my opinion Mashreq Al Islami is the most important and most reliable bank in Dubai for this kind of service. It has been working in Dubai from last three decades and it is known for its credibility in the market of Dubai.

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