Commercial Scaffolding Services In Kent

Commercial Scaffolding Services In Kent

Scaffolding is an indispensable tool in the redecoration, restoration, and construction of buildings. It gives workers easy access to every story of the building and allows for freedom of movement. Usually used in the construction of buildings, scaffolding is also often used in the painting or repairing of old structures. Scaffolding also allows workers to transfer materials from one story to another with minimum fuss.


Commercial scaffolding services in Kent is visibly increasing, especially in the center of the city. The Big City Plan as it was known as an ambitious attempt to change the face of the city. With major renovation projects taking place across the city center, the council pumped over 10 billion into the project. Starting with the rejuvenation of Broad Street, the council expanded the reconstruction plans to other areas resulting in the construction of the iconic Bull Ring building in 2003. Other major projects in the city center included the renovation of the Rotunda building and the construction of the stylish Mailbox structure. As the rejuvenation of Kent continues, the importance of Commercial scaffolding services in Kent has taken on great importance.

Sports and educational facilities are two additional areas in which Commercial scaffolding services in Kent have found considerable work. With the council approving brand new educational facilities for various schools, colleges and universities, the continuing enhancement of places of learning is a major boon for those involved in the scaffolding trade. Recent high profile examples of new educational facilities include Joseph Chamberlain College, Heartlands Secondary School, and Aston University. Each one of these projects involved the elimination of old buildings and the construction of brand new, state of the art structures. The redevelopment of Aston University is an ongoing project involving the construction of many new buildings. Starting a new Business school in 2009, more recent projects have included the renovation of the library and the erection of modern student accommodation and sports facilities.

The Commercial scaffolding companies in Kent who are responsible for the Big City Plan undergo stringent checks to ensure the utmost safety for both the employees and the general public. All construction workers must adhere to strict safety regulations and guidelines which are issued by the Health and Safety Executive in the UK. The HSE is the national independent watchdog for work-related health and safety. The HSE enforces strict guidelines and ensures things like faulty and damaged equipment are replaced with adequate substitutes.

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