Different kinds of minibus hire in Ipswich.

Different kinds of minibus hire in Ipswich.

There are different kinds of minibus services one could hire. A minivan service would mean accommodating around 16-22 passengers. With a minibus hire in Ipswich, you can expect sedan cars as well as coaches. A minivan, an intermediary choice between a sedan and a coach would make a lot of sense for pick and drop services from the hotel to the airport and back.

There are a few categories of minibuses from economy to luxury whose hire depends on the finances available.

Economy: There are great numbers of people who want to get from A to B with the minimum amount of fuss. After all, that takes about the same amount of time to get to a destination whether in a luxury van or an economy one. That is usually all right for intercity travel when typical travel distances are covered in an hour or less. Some disregard things like a serviceable AC in hot weather, a heater in winter, seats without armrests and more. The seat pitch, that is the distance between the aft and fore seats is the minimum possible, with the knees of tall passengers often being in contact with the front seat. Should the passenger in front recline his/her seat more than a fraction, the passenger seated behind would be in great discomfort. The positive side of this kind of travel would be the money saved.

Standard: A nice service compromise offering comparative economic prices, but with basic comforts available to the passengers. The seats do recline, armrests are present, seat pitch is reasonable, AC and heaters work and most services offer an audio system as well.

Executive: This is really luxury travel with the word luxury missing in the definition.

  • Seats that are enveloped in quality leather having a large fore and aft pitch spacing with great leg room. Individual seat AC ventilation control,
  • Plush and rich coloured carpets placed on the flooring. The all-around interior including roof, being classy.
  • As the most widely used application for the van being hotel-airport trips, these vans would tend to have pillows and blankets for tired and sleepy passengers having traveled long journeys, many a time from Intercontinental flights.
  • Even though usually used for intercity commuting such vans would have a mini bar and snacks on board along with a hostess. Small brochures and magazines usually centered on sightseeing and places of interest within the city vicinity would be on board. Announcements on the PA system as a sort of route guided tour are avoided so as not to disturb sleepy and tired passengers.

Luxury:  Along with all the amenities in the executive service a great concentration is employed around the quality of the interior. The wide, plush and comfortable seats are not only leather but the best quality leather. The interior has an abundance of the finest quality walnut or rosewood along with high contrasting subtle chrome lining. The leather seats having individual heat temperature adjustment for each seat and much more.

Whatever your budget and requirement minibus hire in Ipswich has the right minivan for you.

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