Eco-friendly Boxes Trends for Cardboard Packaging

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Eco-friendly Boxes Trends for Cardboard Packaging

Nowadays, even smaller startup companies are opting for custom packaging as they’re aware of its impact on the branding process. Although cardboard packaging has been conventionally used for quite long, new options are surfacing and becoming popular. One of these options is Cardboard Packaging. Companies are more inclined to use environment-friendly packaging now than they were a few years ago. All of this is due to increased awareness about sustainability. Consumers are pushing brands to use Eco-friendly packaging as it is much safer for the planet.

Importance of Cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes have revolutionized the packaging industry because of their inherent uses and benefits. These boxes are made of high-quality materials, thus, can withstand product weight with ease. Additionally, Kraft is a much cheaper alternative to traditional packaging methods.

However, the most important factor that makes Kraft a strong contender is its recyclability and re-usability. Kraft can be recycled to make newer boxes. Also, the material decomposes naturally and does not add to the industrial waste.

Cardboard boxes are cheaper to make because they can be made using the pulp of different trees. On the contrary, cardboard paper is used making specific trees, so their price is higher. Also, the process of bleaching isn’t involved in making Kraft, so that further reduces the cost. Since Cardboard is lighter than cardboard packaging, companies have to pay lower shipping costs on it. As a result, it ends up being a much more budget-friendly and 100% sustainable option.

Eco-friendly Cardboard Boxes Ideas

Since Cardboard paper is highly sustainable and Eco-friendly, it can be used in different kinds of packaging. Some of the creative methods of using Kraft are described below.

Cardboard Bakery Boxes

Bakeries are always in need of packaging because their products are edible items and need to be preserved well. Also, cakes and breads are heavier so they need durable packaging that won’t break under their weight.

Cardboard boxes are an ideal option for bakeries to store pastries, pizza, sweets, etc. Not only are Custom Cardboard boxes suitable for packaging but are also incredible for branding. Since they are made of neutral colors, it’s easier to get them printed and add your logo or company slogan.

Cardboard Gift Boxes

Gone are the days when gift boxes had to be fancy and exorbitant. Now, you can use boxes to packaging wedding, baby shower, and birthday gifts. One of the best ways to wrap your wedding favors is to use boxes that people can later recycle. Along with being a much cheaper alternative to other Packaging methods, Kraft is also much easier to customize.

Cardboard Display Boxes

Another way to use boxes is to display your products in them. For instance, if you have a cosmetic store, you can showcase your products at the counter in Boxes. Although they look light, these boxes can bear the weight of most products, so you won’t face any disappointments.

Since the boxes are quite cheap, you can replace them from time to time unlike glass boxes, which you are stuck with for years. Also, when customers see that you’re indulging in Eco-friendly practices, their trust in your brand increases and they tend to shop more often from you.

Cardboard Takeaway Boxes

Many Chinese takeaway boxes are made of Paper as they are environment-friendly and don’t cost a lot to the eatery. Also, these boxes have a layer of oil lamination inside them. Along with keeping the food hot, the lamination ensures that your food does not go stale inside the box.

Food industry has found new ways to customize and utilize Boxes in business. For example, you can get boxes with window opening that lets the customer see the food inside. Moreover, many personalization and branding options are also available for customizing boxes to be more suitable for your company.

Cardboard Mailer Boxes

If you operate a subscription business, mailer boxes are essential for you. Using Cardboard boxes will have many advantages for your business. Firstly, they will save a lot of money as you will not have to pay high cost of packaging. You can also recycle the already-used packaging and use it multiple times.

Secondly, it sends a positive message to your customer. They would know that your brand cares about the environment. Thirdly, Cardboard mailer boxes can bear a lot of weight, so you can keep any product in them.

Colored Cardboard Boxes

As brown boxes are most commonly used, most people think that it is the only available color. However, that isn’t true. Boxes are available in almost every color, so you can use them for different packaging projects.

DieCut Packaging
Diecut Packaging

Printed Die Cut Packaging Boxes

Just like colored boxes, you can also find printed ones. Even if you buy simple, neutral Kraft paper, you can get it printed according to your company’s needs. While packaging is the primary use of boxes, they can also be used for advertising. Since paper is durable, it can withstand modern printing and won’t tear away because of the ink.

If you want to make a mark in the industry and be popular among consumers, it’s best to choose boxes such as those for Diecut Packaging and mailer boxes. Currently, there is a lot of awareness about sustainable packaging and people are catching on with the trends. While everything else is going ‘green’, it is important for the packaging industry to take the same route.

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