Exploring Beautiful Greece: Incredible Week-long and Two-week Itineraries

Greece, a country rich in history, breathtaking landscapes, and incredible cultural heritage, is also a dream destination for sailors. Its picturesque islands, turquoise waters, and friendly atmosphere attract sailors from around the world. If you dream of unforgettable adventures on the Greek waters, week-long and two-week itineraries are an excellent way to discover the beauty of this country. In this article, we will present you with several attractive routes that will allow you to explore extraordinary places in Greece during longer sailing trips.

Athens – Hydra – Spetses – Poros – Athens Itinerary (one week)

This itinerary begins in the capital of Greece, Athens, where you can visit famous landmarks such as the Parthenon and the Acropolis. Next, we set sail to the island of Hydra, known for its picturesque ports, traditional houses, and beautiful beaches. The next stop is Spetses, a charming island with a rich history and tradition. Here, you can participate in traditional Greek festivals and enjoy the charms of seaside towns. The next stop is Poros, where you can explore the picturesque old town and admire the sunsets over the sea. The journey concludes back in Athens, where you can enjoy the city’s atmosphere and indulge in Greek cuisine. https://marinehub.eu/

Rhodes – Symi – Kos – Kalimnos – Rhodes Itinerary (one week)

This itinerary starts on the island of Rhodes, where you can discover a wealth of historical sites such as the Medieval Town and the Acropolis in Lindos. Then we sail to the charming island of Symi, known for its colorful houses and picturesque landscapes. The next stop is Kos, an island with beautiful beaches and ancient landmarks such as the Asklepion. The final stop is Kalimnos, known as a paradise for rock climbing but also offering beautiful beaches and charming fishing villages. The journey concludes again in Rhodes, where you can admire the beauty of this island and experience Greek hospitality. https://marinehub.eu/index.php/blog/

Corfu – Paxos – Antipaxos – Lefkada – Ithaca – Corfu Itinerary (two-week journey)

This two-week itinerary begins on the island of Corfu, where you can enjoy the landmarks in the old town, relax on beautiful beaches, and explore Greek culture. Then we sail to Paxos, where you can discover picturesque coves, crystal-clear waters, and charming villages. The next stop is Antipaxos, renowned for its enchanting beaches and vineyards, where you can taste local wine. Next, we sail to Lefkada, where you can admire stunning beaches and explore the charm of this region. The final stop is Ithaca, a legendary place associated with Odysseus, where you can immerse yourself in history and nature. The journey concludes again in Corfu, leaving unforgettable memories.

Chania – Balos – Gramvousa – Rethymno – Heraklion – Chania Itinerary (two-week journey)

This itinerary begins in Chania, where you can enjoy charming streets and the Venetian port. Next, we sail to Balos, a spectacular lagoon with turquoise waters and white sand. The next stop is the island of Gramvousa, where you can visit the Venetian castle and admire the panoramic view from the top. Then we sail to Rethymno, where you can discover the charms of this beautiful city, such as the Venetian port and the old town. The final stop is Heraklion, the capital of Crete, where you can visit the famous Knossos Palace and learn about Minoan history. The journey concludes again in Chania, leaving unforgettable impressions.

Week-long and two-week sailing trips in Greece offer unforgettable experiences for sailing enthusiasts. The wealth of islands, beautiful beaches, historical landmarks, and Greek cuisine make sailing in Greek waters an extraordinary adventure. By choosing one of the presented itineraries, you have the opportunity to discover the beauty of Greece, both in terms of nature and culture. Rent a yacht, prepare for amazing adventures, and embark on a journey through one of the most beautiful sailing destinations in the world. https://marinehub.eu/index.php/sample-page/