Main Features Of LED Strip That Consumers Need To Consider Before Buying

Main Features Of LED Strip That Consumers Need To Consider Before Buying

LED strips and tapes have become one of the most popular LED products available in the market. These strips did not just replace radiant ribbons, but it has also replaced some of the fluorescent tubes as well. It gave boundless options for the decoration of hotels, pubs, bars, and other public places. As the LED technology is being developed, cheap led strips in Sydney are available in bright versions as well that allow users to use it as a main source of lighting. The use of LED strips is popular both in the home as well as in commercial premises.

Listed below are the main features of a LED strip that consumers need to consider if they want to make the right choice.

Depending on the purposes the mentioned features can be helpful to decide:

  • The size and type of LED strips
  • The number of LEDs within a strip
  • The colors of the LED strip
  • The flexibility of the LED strip
  • The direction of the LED on the strip
  • Carrying capacity – heavy duty
  • Its IP rating
  • The voltage
  • The dimmers and controllers

Of all the factors that are mentioned above, the most vital is the type and size of the LED strips, which determine the brightness or performance. Understandably, the more recent the technology and the bigger its size is, it will be brighter.

Another factor to consider is the performance and the number of LEDs in the metre strip. The higher the number, the brighter the strip will be, however, higher numbers within a metre strip require advanced technologies.

The color range of the cheap led strips in Sydney is now endless, as any color can be produced by RGB technique. There are usually three shades of white available that is bright and cold white – the blueish, it is a brighter version of white, the warm white –  that is yellowish like the sun, and the natural white – that is a combination of the two.

Single color LED strips are available in all colors now, but the RGB LEDs can emit a large variety of colors. RGB strips require a controller to operate. Special RGB strips are able to change the color in a row that can create a run-down effect.

The flexibility of the LEDs can be another determining factor. Rigid LED strips are perfect for replacing fluorescent tubes. On flat surfaces it would be easier to work with rigid strips, it can also be applied on ceilings or walls. So, the flexibility is often a grace than a burden.

The carrying capacity of LEDs is generally low. Heavy-duty strips are not sold for home use, but for commercial use, for instance on ships and in factories.

The voltage of the strips should always be checked before application. Most of the LEDs require a transformer, as they run at low voltage. If LED strips need a transformer, make sure it is appropriate for strips, because most of the time electric transformers ruin LEDs.

So keep above mentioned feature into your consideration while buying LED strips.

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