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This year, a great youth conference is being organized in Dubai i.e. the Arab Youth International Model United Nations 2019. Model United Nations or MUN can be a very helpful opportunity for a person to learn about global issues and improve their skills. The model united nations committees help to work on personality building features and offer an insight into the ongoing problems of the world generally as well as regarding a specific country.

These skills can greatly help in the future and are what employers look for in an individual these days. One of the main objectives of model united nations committees is to push the participants to think critically and analyze different facts from various perspectives. It also helps to instill creativity as delegates are required to come up with ideas and collaborative solutions on the spot. Such a forum can help one to learn about teamwork and leadership which is very essential for executing an idea successfully. The Arab Youth International Model United Nations committees include:

OIC: The Organization of Islamic Cooperation is made up of 57 Member States who have majority Muslim populations. It works to protect the interest of Muslims and promote international peace and harmony. The OIC committee session will include discussion about issues such as Palestine-Israel conflict and terrorism.

WHO: The World Health Organization seeks to regulate the mechanism of provision of health for everyone. It coordinates with other international bodies to address issues of health and wellbeing, communicable and noncommunicable diseases and health emergencies response.

UNSC: 15 member states make up the UN Security Council whose primary aim is to maintain peace and security and devise methods to counter threats to it. UNSC also works to resolve issues and disputes among different groups and is authorized to use force when necessary. The permanent members in this committee have the power to veto the proposal and decision of other member states.

DISEC: Disarmament and International Security Committee is concerned with global issues and regulation of weaponry also that is also known as disarmament. It is also involved in addressing threats to peace, promotion of cooperative arrangements within the scope of the United Nations Charter.

UNDP: United Nations Development Program is a global network that works in more than 170 countries and introduces and regulates projects that are targeted towards aims such as the elimination of poverty, harnessing leadership skills in youth, etc. that can provide sustainable results. The SDGs set in 2015 is directed towards the creation of a better and peaceful plant for every human being.

EXPO2020: The model united nations committees also include a mock-session of the grand Expo 2020 that is soon to be held in Dubai. There will be discussions regarding the themes of the upcoming event and how it’ll be a gamechanger for the UAE.

Indo-Pak Summit: A committee session regarding the rising tensions and historical relationship of India and Pakistan is also scheduled which will focus on the tensions across LOC and the status of the disputed territory of Kashmir.

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