Ramadan is a month to get spiritual insight to perform an Umrah

Ramadan is a month to get spiritual insight to perform an Umrah

A year has passed and a new year is ahead with new resolutions for all of us. Last year Ramadan was begun on the evening of Friday, May 26, 2017. Now this time it will begin with a weekend ahead when the whole world plans to complete their personal commitments. During Ramadan, fasting is one of the fast tracks to fulfilling the goal of taqwa and it continues till Ramadan ends.


To perform Umrah during holy month of Ramadan is considered one of the holiest form of prayer which a Muslim can perform. Permissible to be undertaken whenever a Muslim can in a year, Umrah has been favorite holy visit of the House of Allah for many Muslims throughout the history. Though a little different than Hajj, which is to be undertaken on specified dates as proposed Islamic Laws. Umrah is cheaper and easier to perform. Since one can choose the dates and times of his own preference. However, Umrah performed during the holy month of Ramadan has more effect on Muslim than other times. So, most of the traveling agencies make sure to offer best Ramadan Umrah Packages for the Muslim around the world. Ramadan Umrah Packages come in different shapes and sizes. Through Mina tours, a UK based travel agency you can get the most reasonable packages to perform an Umrah.

Mina Tours, established in 2016 with a vision to simplify the once very complicated Hajj and the periodic Ramadan Umrah Packages. The best part of the Mina tours is that they provide a comparison table for their customers, where they can look into different packages and select the one which is more feasible to them.

As a travel agency mina tours have two decades of experience and specialization in the field, their focus to provide their customers an independent and transparent consultation on Ramadan Umrah Packages and hence it is most reliable travel group with suited budget options according to the requirement of customers. Over the years of facilitating trips for literally thousands of clients, Mina tours as a result have built a very good reputation among the customer in the travel and tourism industry.


Mina tours has made it clear that their Exclusive Umrah Deals will be cheaper than any other group offering the exclusive deals. This exclusive Ramadan Package includes personal family conveyance and independent food management and accommodation for the family or the individual. If it were up to other travel agencies then the prices would be very high. But with Mina tours, even the most expensive package will be the cheapest in comparison of the other travel agencies. Since Umrah is a holy pilgrimage, and the terms and conditions and the pricing shall be equally transparent. But it is not often the case, so we decided to give you a sneak peek into who mina tours is.

We hope we have given enough information about the cheapest Ramadan Umrah Packages and you may now have an easier decision to make. Make sure you visit Mina tours for more information. Thank you.

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