Several Reasons to Use Pillow Boxes

When it comes to the fastest-growing packaging in the world, it is none other than custom Pillow Boxes. As suggested by the name, these come in the shape of the pillow. It is an ideal solution for a smaller item like jewelry, candies, and wedding favors. But you can also use these boxes for large items because of the durable material. The pillow packaging usually comes flat, but you can later assemble it in a pillow shape. It has interlocking tables that ensure product protection. You can instantly grab customer’s attention due to its novel pillow shape.

If you are considering a unique option for your next product launch, give pillow packaging boxes a try for the following reason.

It is an economical choice

No matter it is a big business or small, Brands are always in search of a solution that is not only easy on the pockets but also provides unlimited benefits to the business. Pillow packaging takes less machine time for production, thus the overall cost is reduced to a much extent. Moreover, it is light in weight and takes less space while shipping which results in less fuel usage and low shipping prices. These boxes offer full recyclability that allows you to use the recycled material for the new production process.

Suitable for a variety of products

One of the biggest benefits which pillow boxes offer is versatility and flexibility. You can use the packaging solution for a variety of products. Whether it is cosmetics or jewelry or bakery items, pillow containers can enclose every product effortlessly. Moreover, it also offers size variety. You can have a pillow box in any size according to the product requirements. From the choice of material to the finishing options, the box offers great customization. You can also decorate the box with ribbons, bows, and other decorative. It provides a unique visual appeal to the product that attracts attention.

Pillow and Soap Boxes

It meets the needs of today’s customers

Not only brands but customers also demand something unique and appealing for the packaging of the product. One of the biggest advantages of the pillow box is its unique shape. It meets the need of customers due to its exceptional shape, durability, and recyclability. The tabs inside the box keep the product from banging around and provide cushioning for the needed protection. Customers like light-weight, convenient, and easy to use packages. That’s why more and more brands are choosing pillow containers. Many studies have approved the fact that an appealing design can influence the buying decision of customers.

Help to market and promote your brand

When all other marketing channels failed to provide the desired results, pillow boxes can be an efficient marketing tool for your business. The unique shape makes others notice the packaging, and they ultimately get to know your brand. The style of the boxes is enough to capture the attention in stores; you don’t have to put much effort into the design process. It is a smart and cheap solution that provides you the needed exposure. While designing the packages, make sure to use the logo and brand name as design elements.

Available in different styles

When it comes to an innovative solution for product packaging, there is not an ideal option other than pillow containers. Different type of pillow boxes is available in the market for various products. From the gift packages to the transparent windows, you can customize the pillow style according to your product needs. The most amazing thing is that it is also available with a handle on the top that results in customer’s ease and convenience. Custom Kraft and luxury packaging are becoming the trendiest style of pillow containers. Every type offers unique benefits and has its features.

Soap Boxes

It is a durable and sustainable choice

Most of the brands don’t choose pillow boxes because of the thought that they are insecure and are not durable enough to ship fragile items. But it is not the case; a pillow box comes with interlocking tabs that ensure that the product remains in place and protected. From the cardboard to the Kraft, you can have pillow containers in a variety of materials. Each material is highly durable and sustainable. Recyclability and reusability is another big reason to consider using pillow box for your next product launch to get the desired results.

Whether it is Soap Boxes or lipstick, pillow packaging offer versatility and flexibility. It improves the company’s bottom line when no other solution seems to work.


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