The Steps Involved In Sanding And Polishing Wood Floors

The Steps Involved In Sanding And Polishing Wood Floors

The technology behind floor restoration has evolved so much in the recent years that in Sydney Floor Sanding offers more and more superior quality finishes. Floor restoration that is done skillfully offers a floor covering that is not only versatile and classy but is durable for regular use and attractive to the eye.

You need to make sure the expert you have chosen for the floor restoration is a professional who has years of experience in the field. He should be we-informed about the procedures and the materials that are used. The requirements of a floor restoration can sometimes change from one job to another and an expert will provide a tailored solution for your floor. This article will outline some of the important points that need to be kept in mind to achieve the best results when restoring wood floors.

  • Clear everything

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is to clear away everything from the floor like furniture that may be damaged or harmed during the process of sanding. This will not only speed up the entire procedure, but it will also allow your floor care professional to properly care for all the remaining fixtures and fittings.

  • Finish any repair work before time

The next thing you need to keep in mind is that if there is any damage done to the floorboards, then you need to complete all repairs before you begin finishing. If there are any loose boards, then you have to ensure that you get them fixed in or if there are any nails sticking out of the floor, then get them hammered carefully. If you do not do this then there is a chance that these things could cause problems to the sanding machine.

  • Sanding

In this long and laborious process of floor care, the next step is the actual sanding of the floor. In Sydney, floor sanding is supposed to be done with care and precision and one should take their time to make sure that every detail is kept in mind. Most people make the mistake of starting with the tight spots of the room or starting in the middle but the best advice all experts give is to start with a corner and move up and down the room so that the machine does is kept moving at all times. All professionals follow this methodology when doing the sanding.

  • Sand with the edger machine

After the sanding has been done with the usual sanding machine, complete the process with an edger machine. This machine is known to be increasingly difficult to control so it is better to use them with a side to side movement to get those areas of the room that could not be reached with the sanding machine. Repeat the sand and edger process with a sandpaper of finer grit until you achieve the finishing that you require.

  • Application of a filler

The next step is to apply a latex filler where there are holes and scratches that are visible on the floor. Apply the filler liberally to balance the floor and this is to be done before the finishing process.

  • Finishing the floor

The final step is to finish the floor you worked so hard on. Wood stains are an option if you feel like adding a new touch to the floor. If you have chosen a wood stain, then it needs to be applied to the finishing process. This will allows you to get a lighter or darker look on your floorboards and you have completed and the finishing needs to be applied, then there are a lot of color variations that you can choose from. You floor care professional should be able to guide you on which finishing to choose. The applied finish should be left for at least 24 hours before placing any furniture.

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