There are several international roaming plans that help save your money

There are several international roaming plans that help save your money


Communication has improved a great deal with the advanced mobile technology. Whether you are travelling to a different city or country, you can carry your phone anywhere and there are a number of international roaming plans that you can choose from. People who travel frequently for business or leisure purposes can stay in touch with their family at any time. It has made communication easier from any corner of the world than it was a few years back.

The international roaming charges vary for each mobile network carrier but you can easily find a few affordable packages according to your requirement. One of the best features of international roaming services is that you can make and receive calls without any hassle. These services have certain advantages and disadvantages, which can help you making a better a choice. A few major advantages are:

  • The same mobile number can be used during your journey
  • No activation or deactivation required
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest news via data services
  • You can choose between postpaid or pre-paid services
  • the current country’s network is automatically selected

A few disadvantages of using roaming services are:

  • If you need to stay on a single network, you need manual settings for your phone
  • If your phone is not compatible with the new network, you may require buying a new phone
  • You cannot check the mobile date usage
  • No caller id services
  • You cannot view your SIM card history
  • Outgoing and incoming – both are charged at a higher rate than the local calls
  • Limited customer care center services

Besides all these flaws, the costs of international roaming are huge. The new network send signal to the home network and then receives back the signal to the new network. This requires huge cost on the local mobile number and network. Thus, you can use your local number during an international trip but it is better to use it in case of emergency because its cost is high.

If you are not willing to use the service after reading all these disadvantages, there are other options that you can go for. Mobile networks offer cost effective international SIM cards that have a good connectivity too. Another option is that you can buy a local SIM card at the new location at a very low price and use it to stay in touch with your family if it is not possible for you to make it without communication.

Businessmen often require updating their partners or affiliates about the operations via phone calls, or using social media. They can also connect to the local WI-FI available at their hotel or the airport, to use social media for communication. This is another cost effective solution to avoid huge international roaming charges. You can still keep your SIM card switched on, but the usage would be low. These all options can help in saving your money. However, if it is unavoidable then you can continue with the roaming services.

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