Tips for effective aerial video production

Tips for effective aerial video production


Aerial drone video in Melbourne is an emerging trend in today’s generation that allows the user to create low altitude imagery and videos with lightweight, remote-controlled helicopter drones. This technology allows the user to take stunning shots of sites that need a lot of coverage for example real estate, construction sites, sports and action films. This technology is not limited to these industries; it is just that they were the early adopters of this trend. The market for this tech will reach millions in the coming years because the use of this technology saves a lot of time and resources.

Most of the demand will be coming from the real estate sector, construction companies and there will be an expected increase in demand from urban planning and insurance fields. There are some things to keep in mind if you want to use this drones to take pictures and videos, some of them are:

  • Weather

This is an important factor to consider when you are using a device that has to take pictures mid-air. Do not go filming on a day when the wind is too strong; in fact, an ideal wind speed would be less than 10 mph. you will find optimal weather conditions in the morning. If there are strong winds facing the drone, then it can affect the quality of the video or if you take a photo, appears a little shaky. So, take into mind the weather conditions to improve the quality of the shots.

  • Type of drone

This is another important factor, as it will decide what the image quality will be like and how the copter will be handled mid-air. Before you go to purchase the device, decide what your needs and requirements are. The least expensive devices are quadcopters, which are small and light. They suffer from the absence of stabilization controls and add-ons like a gimbal. A gimbal is what helps the user to control the camera on the roll and pitch axis. Gimbals of good making and quality can also pan and tilt the camera; you could say that a well-adjusted gimbal can take movie quality shots.

If you can afford a bigger device, then a hexacopter with gimbal support is the best choice for you. It allows for a flawless video shoot and the extra propeller coupled with the weight of the device provides a stable experience compared to a quadcopter.

  • Types of camera to use

Your objective should be to use the lightest possible camera for your desired results. Even if you use a hexacopter and DSLR duo, it will only give you 8-10 minutes of airtime because there is a limitation on the number of batteries that the hexacopter can carry. A lighter copter with a lower quality camera will give you more airtime but the images and videos will not be high quality. In the end, it depends on your usage. If you want quality, then use a heavy copter with a light DSLR, but if you want to make longer videos, then go for lighter machinery.

  • Monitor system

After everything is set, you will still need a monitor system because you have to see what shot you are taking. The monitoring system, also known as the fps (first person view) comes with its own separate controls. You would have to use both the controls, the first controller pilots the drone and the next one adjusts the camera and monitor system. In these cases, you would need more than one operator for a good aerial drone video in Melbourne, because one person cannot perform both these tasks at the same time.

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