Tree Stump Removal -What Should You Do

Tree Stump Removal -What Should You Do

You have an amazing backyard or a beautiful Landscape on your property but a tree was infected or needed care and you cut it down, but what do you do with the stump of the tree?  All that root system with a piece was stem is destroying the beauty of your garden, you might have regretted taking the tree down but don’t worry just hire for tree stump removal. A guy will come see how old the Stump is what can be done so that the stump can be removed without affecting the other plants. There are few different procedures he might suggest you such as:

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  • Burning the Stump. (If the Stump is old and Dry enough)
  • Drilling holes in the Stump and poring Petrol in it to kill the Stump quickly.
  • Digging a hole and taking it out completely from the ground.
  • Bringing in a Stump cutter machinery
  • Leaving the stump as it is. (this can cause the tree to regrow and spread the disease further)

It’s up to you to decide which method best suits you, for example burning the stump will take a day or 2 with an open fire in your garden which can be a very dangerous thing, children playing in the garden with an open fire is a sure way to visit a hospital. An open fire next to a bunch of trees is also a fire hazard, you will have to continuously monitor the stump in order not face any major problems.

If you select the second method it can take a long time (more than a month or so) to completely kill the stump which can be costly as you might have to call someone again after the stump has died to remove it.

Digging a hole to remove the stump completely is quite painstaking procedure it takes a lot of work to dig a hole with all that complex root systems, Trees grow roots so that they can hold up against their weight in heavy winds so you can imagine how difficult it can be just to disconnect the stump from all the roots underground.

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Bringing in a Stump Cutter Machinery might be the easiest way to deal with an unwanted stump, but it also has its cons as your garden might not be big enough for the machinery or the machinery might destroy your garden just so you can remove an old stump. This might be costly as you need to rent out a machinery for the day, hire someone who knows how to operate the machinery so be careful as to what problems you might face in every decision.

The best decision you can take to ensure your garden doesn’t get destroyed in order to remove an old stump is to hire for tree stump removal so that they can guide you better by seeing where the stump is, what your budget is, where the stump is and how old is the stump. Taking note of all these things will help them tell you the best decision you can take for your garden and remove the Stump without causing a meltdown in the neighborhood.

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